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Estamos creando el primer supermercado cooperativo de Madrid

ÚNETE #consumecomopiensas

Ico Proyectos

The Project

We offer local organic products at a dignified price that is good for producers and consumers alike. We are a consumer group, providing training in responsible consumption and organized visits to our producers.

Ico Productos


We facilitate access to organic products that come from small local producers. We guarantee the origin of our products to assure their quality and mode of production, and in order to create the least impact on the environment as possible. We price each product with dignity so as to allow the producer to continue to give life to his or her products and the consumer to enjoy the fruits of this labor.

Ico Grupos Consumo

Consumer Groups

We make collective purchases organized in the center of Madrid, with biweekly distribution every other Tuesday and Wednesday.You place your order online and pick it up at the store. You get local organic products at a considerably lower price than you would pay shopping individually at the store.

Conoce a Nuestros Productores Locales * Producción Responsable y Sostenible

Respect and Commitment

This is an alternative way to consume organic produce at a fair price through direct contact with local producers. We want to create a network of trust and mutual support between neighbors and producers.


We are in charge of everything: We select the producers; we verify their certifications; we manage the transportation of the products and prepare the baskets for distribution. We also organize visits to our producers. Sign on!


Pick up your basket at our store (Calle Noviciado 9) or, if you prefer, we can send it to your house or to your workplace by bicycle. What do you prefer?

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