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Cooperative Project 2decologico

2decológico is a cooperative project born of the necessity to get small local producers in touch with responsible consumers in the center of Madrid, and with the intention of creating a community that favors the commercialization of local organic products.

Our cooperative is made up of local producers, consumers and the two partners who undertook the project. In September of 2014 we began to develop the idea to create an organized consumer group. After two years of developing the project in a tiny shop on Calle 2 de Mayo, in October 2016 we made the leap to a larger shop on Calle Noviciado 9with two new lines of business: at our new shop you will find local organic products and training in responsible consumption.

We facilitate access to organic products that come from small local producers. We guarantee the origin of our products to assure their quality and mode of production in order to create the least impact on the environment as possible. We price each product with dignity so as to allow the producer to continue to give life to his or her products and the consumer to enjoy the fruits of this labor.

We encourage the participation of the people in our community. Together we all make possible the existence of 2decologico and decide the direction the project will take.

How would you like to form part of our community 2decologico:

Responsible Consumers of 2decologico

At 2decologico we think that every person that wants to know us and buy our products is consuming responsibly.

Benefits of responsible consumption:

  • CONSUME seasonal healthy, local, organic products.
  • Our produce is picked up within the Madrid Region. It matures on the plant until the last possible moment, making more flavor is impossible.
  • FAIR AND DIGNIFIED PRICES for the producers.
  • Long business hours Monday to Saturday.
  • Support for the ethical production of food.


Benefits and advantages of being a member of 2decologico:

  • CONSUME local, seasonal, healthy, and organic products.
  • Our produce is picked up within the Madrid Region. It matures on the vine until the last possible moment; making more flavor is impossible.
  • FAIR and DIGNIFIED prices for producers.
  • Long Commercial OPENING HOURS from Monday through Saturday.
  • Support the ethical production of food.
  • You will have direct contact with the producers.
  • You can use the SPACE for meetings or get-togethers with the people or groups in which you participate.
  • 5% discount on basic weekly food basket (CESTA BÁSICA SEMANAL) containing fruit and vegetables, bread, chicken, veal, lamb and pork, vegan products, etc.


  • INITIAL FEE of 10 euros (VAT included).
  • 50 euros ANNUAL FEE (VAT included).
  • 3 hours per semester of collaborative work for the cooperative.
  • The membership card is made and given at the time of payment at our store.

Cooperative members

Take a moment to get to know our cooperative project 2decologico and for more detailed information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Let’s talk!

Cooperative members can be…

Any conscientious and critical individual who wants to lend a hand in boosting responsible consumption that contributes to the ethical production of food and the protection of the environment. He or she may or may not be a consumer of our products, one of our producers or not, one of our workers or not…What is important is his or her commitment to our COOPERATIVE PROJECT 2DECOLOGICO.

Benefits for members:

  • Social commitment.
  • Support for the ethical production of food and protection of the environment.
  • The promotion of informative and formative activities for the consumer.
  • The development of awareness campaigns.
  • Democratic management by members, participating actively in the politics and decision making of the collective. Every member has a vote.
  • Defense of the consumer and the promotion of a cooperative movement.
  • The creation of stable job positions in a local environment.
  • Solidarity.

How to become a Member?

  • Share a commitment to our Cooperative Project 2decologico.
  • INITIAL FEE OF 100 euros
  • The members card is made and given at the time of payment at the store.
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